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Frankensteiny and Lobstery


Not only The Greatest Rock Ukulele Band in the World! But also, the most original Weddings and Function band you will ever see




Gary is a Cornish man a man of mystery with a deep love of pasties and beer , or failing that a cup of tea.


Strong in arm daft in the head often found lugging heavy musical equipment for no apparent reason.


His interest include toad racing, Pasty hurling Trying to figure out why cider makes him feel good And what is this hangover thing about.


He feels the bass should be used to create dynamic expression , or noise which ever is easiest.


Not really sure what the rest of the band does musically but as long as they keep supplying beer/cider happy to turn up

Gary in traditional Cornish Kilt, playing a traditional Cornish song, unfortunately the rest of the band were playing something else.