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Frankensteiny and Lobstery


Not only The Greatest Rock Ukulele Band in the World! But also, the most original Weddings and Function band you will ever see





So who are the freaks that make up the band, the lead singer/songwriter and Uke player is TOSS. He is a founder member of the band, and used to run an open mic night at a pub in Cheltenham, where his friend 'Paul' used to come along, and 'Gary' would join in on Bass occassionally.



As a performer he has been showing off since he was 5, and is a trained ballet/Tap/Ballroom dancer, which he gave up many years ago due to injuries to his knees. These injuries lead him to perform more theatrical pieces, as well as Cabaret, and for this reason he has performed all over the world in countriers such as Mexico, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Greece, (this list goes on for quite a while so lets stop here). He has played the lead characters in several musicals and plays, including several pieces at teh National Theatre in London, and what is now the O2 and was the Millenium Dome.



As a writer he has written several theatrical pieces and contributed to many plays, shows, films, radio, and his first love Musicals. With many full length musicals under his belt, He has teamed up with Gary to write, what they think, is the first COrnish Language Rock/Folk Opera based on the Cornish uprising and march on Government by one of Garys ancestors 'Angof'.


There are several video performances of shows with TOSS in them dotted around on Youttube and various internet sites, good luck if you can find them, He has written musical versions of 'Gullivers Travels', '1984', 'Lady Chatterley's Lover', 'The Fall of the House of Usher', 'The Legend of Wild Bill Shakespeare','Frankenstein', and music for various shows. His music has also been used for film soundtracks, and he writes contemporary scores for silent movies which have often been performed at music festivals, these include, 'Faust', 'Metropolis', 'Dr.Caligari', 'The Night of the Living Dead', 'The Last Human', and 'Nosferatu'



As a TV presenter he has appeared on shows about his interests such as the paranormal/magic/collecting, including a live appearance on a British TV show called 'Bargain Hunt' with a fellow musician Steve Mellor. His favourite TV apearance was on 'Great British Ghosts' with Michaela Strachan, because it gave him a chance to show the world his favourite haunted building, 'St.Briavel's Castle', a phenomally haunted building which he has written about in several of his books. This paranormal link has also lead to him being the chairman for 'The Cheltenham Paranormal Festival', as well as chairman of two paranormal investigation groups, 'PARASoc' and 'PHANTOMFEST'.