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Frankensteiny and Lobstery


Not only The Greatest Rock Ukulele Band in the World! But also, the most original Weddings and Function band you will ever see



If you have any particular song that you would like played at a function then feel free to email and request, most of the time they can oblige, admittedly if you ask for the 1812 overture, or anything by the Eagles (it requires several guitars) then they might not be able to help, but no harm in asking.


If you are planning a wedding, then please do not waste money on paying for a separate DJ as they will also do that for free.


The lobsters would like everyone to be able to afford a good band, a DJ (if they want one) lights and ambience for their most important day.


SO don't break the bank - contact the Lobsters for the best entertainment at the best cost.









Come and see the infamous Lobsters at one of their amazing gigs.


If you are lucky there may even be one of the bonus Lobsters playing.


The gig page also features links to other shows and appearances featuring the various Lobsters as they appear on radio, TV, and the Musical Theatre stage.



Frankensteins Lobster are the perfect wedding or function band, with a repertoire of hundreds of songs they are capable of entertaining any crowd. From 50's Rock and Roll, to modern day chart hits, or even Opera if you ask nicely enough.


Everything from weddings, large corporate events, even thousands of people being entertained at many a festival, they have done it all.


If you listen to the music page you will hear original songs only, but they got their reputation from playing covers, and often when they are at festival gigs covers are all they play. They maintain the position that their job is to entertain, and not to sell albums, so they will always try and accommodate anyones requests.

Contact & Prices


Prices vary depending on distance to the event and amount of Equipment needed, but we will always endeavour to be very cost effective for you. email us for quotes.

Weddings and functions tend to be around £300 sometimes more depending on distance travelled and equipment needed, as we can bring disco lights, and do a DJ set as well. We can also do a piano lounge bar set which works well over dinner or when guests are arriving, or drinking.


Come and join us on facebook

to see dates of gigs, as well as

video, pictures and audio uploads.


You can email us directly via the contacts page or on


The band are very busy, and do take bookings well over a year or two in advance so please make sure you contact them ASAP regarding their availability